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Pat Miller - The Idea Coach

I’ve managed people for over 20 years and I can tell you that the mark of a truly great colleague is someone that doesn’t do what you tell them to do. A truly great partner does what needs to be done and then thinks strategically about what else needs to be done to grow the business. Susie Moon has been integral in the rapid growth of my company. On a regular basis, Susie will catch mistakes, suggest opportunities, and solve problems that I would’ve missed. She’s not only thinking about the “to-do list” but also the list of possibilities to continue my growth. If you’re looking for an ally, a collaborator and a strategic thinker with solid execution and a terrific, energetic presence then look no further than Susie Moon.

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Ming Lovejoy, CHC - Wireless Educator, Speaker

Susie Moon is a marketing rodeo champ and coordination cowgirl! She wrangles many dynamic aspects of creativity and implementation all at once -  people, projects, ideas, details, and communications with great skill and keeps it fun and fabulous. She is able to maneuver quickly, is so bright and positive, and obviously is working in her element, loving what she’s doing. At the end, Susie has delivered with astonishing speed, grace, and effectiveness,  and you feel like you’ve won!

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Kirsty Blattner - Work Horse Performance Coaching

I've worked with Susie, and she saved my business. She gave me the inspiration, suggestions, encouragement and new perspectives I needed to get up and take action. I'll forever be grateful for Susie, and how she helped me to not only transform my business - to expand my vision in my life. What we do in one area of life, we do in all. Susie treats you like the most important person in the world. Building a business is complex, multi-faceted and you need a trusted guide to take you to the next level. Susie is the guide you need to step up, take action and BE your VISION. I highly recommend her and happy to speak with anyone who would like more information about my results working with Susie Moon Consulting.